Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Final Post and a Few of My Favorites

As a final post to this blog, I want to link back to a few of my favorite and/or important posts from our adoption journey. I hope those who stumble across our blog will read it from start to finish, and be BLESSED in hearing about the emotional journey we took and God's faithfulness through it all. However, I know that sometimes those of you skimming adoption blogs are mainly just looking for one particular thing, so these links may help you if you only want to read the "most important" stuff :) Even though I'm no longer posting here, please leave a comment if you desire and let me know how I can pray for you (or if you have a blog I can follow) throughout your own adoption journey. If you care to see what our family is CURRENTLY up to, you can find us HERE.

If you enjoy shedding a few tears and hearing about adoption journeys through video, you can find ours by clicking to these posts:
  • Click HERE (and scroll to the bottom of the post) to watch Part 1
  • Click HERE to watch Part 2
If you'd like to read more about our journey through specific posts, here are some links and descriptions:
  • Click HERE to read about why we chose to adopt from Ethiopia
  • Click HERE to read about why we chose to adopt through Holt International
  • Click HERE to read about the day we submitted our dossier
  • Click HERE, HERE, and HERE to read about moving on Holt's wait list for a referral
  • Click HERE to read about immunizations
  • Click HERE to read about receiving our referral
  • Click HERE and HERE to read about passing court
  • Click HERE to read about receiving our travel dates
  • Click HERE to read about the start of our travel to Ethiopia, and then click through all of the October posts for the details of our trip and our homecoming
Peace and God Bless as you enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Our family has so much to be grateful for this year, we pray that you have also experienced a multitude of God's blessings in 2009.


  1. Hi, I came across your blog researching adoption from Ethiopia and I would love to ask you some questions about your agency and experience, please email me at if you can help. Thanks so much, Chantel.

  2. I got your message on my blog! That is so great that your daughter was wearing one of the dresses that I made!!! I am really pleased to know that they are getting good use out of them and kept them at the agency. My sister, who has adopted 3 through Holt, said she sent some things to Vietnam for her son and suspected that items get sold. Of course I wouldn't expect that in Ethiopia, since it is Holt's care center. But still... Thanks so much for letting me know and now I can follow your blog too! I see you're in Arizona - we are in Baltimore and picked up our little girl in July of 2008.

  3. Turning the blog into a book sounds like a wonderful idea! How do I do that? Feel free to email me... thanks, Bethany!