Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday news

From Bethany this morning:

"It's Saturday evening here =) We spent more time with Aynalem today and saw more of her personality shine through. The Dr. asked her if she liked her family and she said 'yes', then asked her if she was ready to leave with us and she said 'yes', then asked if she would like to come back and visit them sometime and she said 'no'. The Dr. just started cracking up and translated the conversation for us =) She cried when we left her tonight... She is ready to come home! Tomorrow we are headed south to the region where she was born. We'll be spending one night there and be back in Addis Ababa on Monday. At that point, we will officially take custody of Aynalem =) Please pray for my health, I was a bit sick today. Thanks!"


  1. :)!! her personality sounds adorable. Glad things are going so well...I will pray for strength and health for you, Bethany!!