Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ethiopia Day 7

Our Day #7 in Ethiopia was a Tuesday, and I will admit that this day was a "low point" of the trip for me. The first half of our trip was jam-packed with activity and excitement, but the last half was spent having tons of down-time at the hotel. I was missing Eli terribly by this time, and since we had taken custody of Mikayla, I was just ready to be back home in my own comfort zone. I'm not sure what it was, but emotionally I just had a hard time snapping out of my negative feelings on this day. I actually felt much better by Wednesday, but I guess Tuesday was just Tuesday and I needed to have a pity party or something. :)

So here's the journal excerpts, as well as some pics... though it wasn't quite as exciting as some of the other days.

"Today was a difficult day in many respects. While it's great to have custody of Mikayla, we are now confined to the hotel. I tend to get stir crazy in situations like this and having a new daughter in the mix makes it quite overwhelming at times. Mikayla had a couple of "breakdowns" today where we had to tell her "no" in a couple of situations, and she retaliated each time by hitting Micah repeatedly. We noticed this is tendency that many of the children have from the care center. I am sure for her it's frustrating to not be able to communicate through the language barrier with us, and it's difficult that we can't explain our reasons for saying "no" like we can with Eli. It's like she is forced to trust us, and deal with it, even though she probably isn't quite ready to be trusting us yet. Fortunately, her meltdowns were short-lived and she was soon back to her cheerful self each time."

"Our appointment at the U.S. Embassy was quite simple, however, the timing was very bad since all of the kids missed naps. It took awhile for all ten families to have their interviews, but everybody got through without a hitch and the Embassy will have our kids' visas ready on Thursday before we fly out. Once we returned to the hotel, I sent Micah out to get take-out Chinese (yes there was an authentic Chinese restaurant down the street from our hotel) for lunch, followed later that evening by pizza for dinner! I guess we needed a little taste of home or something." :)

"In general, I am just feeling ready to be back home again. I'm looking forward to the farewell ceremony and shopping tomorrow, and I want to make the most of the last two days we have here. Ethiopia has truly been amazing, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to travel here and experience firsthand a taste of our daughter's native country/culture. I'm just ready to be back home, with BOTH my son and daughter in my arms."

I think the Union Hotel doormen must love it when families from each travel group take custody of their kids, because they definitely had fun-filled days of kicking soccer balls, batting balloons, and making sure small children didn't fall off the ledge of the courtyard :) Ha Ha! They were wonderful guys and we enjoyed getting to know them.

There's no words for this - so stinkin' cute!
They would just watch cars go by for loooooong periods of time :)

Dad was tired by Tuesday as well.

Mikayla enjoyed coloring with Nana in the hotel room.
Hopefully you don't stop reading due to a boring Tuesday :) I promise it gets good again tomorrow. I'm also finally starting to go through our video footage, and can't wait to start sharing some of our special moments with video! Stay tuned...


  1. Not bored, at all! I will keep reading, for sure. I LOVE that picture of Mikayla and the two boys watching cars go by!! What in the world, that is some "ledge"?!

  2. So great! I look forward to reading each of your new posts! Can't wait for more!!!!

  3. I'm loving your posts of what the trip is like!