Monday, October 19, 2009

Ethiopia Day 6

Prior to leaving Durame, our group was taken to Holt's medical clinic. The clinic provides much-needed medical services for families living in the area. We toured the different rooms and even had the privilege of seeing a newborn baby with his mom (many babies are delivered at this clinic). The clinic offers routine health care for people of all ages, pre/post natal care, and minor surgical procedures. There is a full-time doctor who works at the clinic, and he guided us around the facility. It was obvious to see how critical a clinic such as this one is, and it was amazing to see the ways that they are able to help people with what they have to work with.

We arrived back to the Union Hotel around 2:30 pm, and our schedule indicated that at 4:00 we could go over to the care center to take custody of our kiddos! There was an excitement in the air for all families :) When the time came we headed over and enjoyed a happy reunion with Mikayla. We all stayed at the care center for quite awhile and played with the kids there, because we weren't quite sure whether or not we could just walk out the door. Ha! Eventually, someone confirmed that we could leave, so families started heading out. It was quite surreal to finally gather our daughter in our arms and walk out the door with her! Here's a few pics of us back in the hotel room... including her first bath sitting in a bath tub!

Pieces of my journal entry that night....

"Wow, Mikayla is actually here in our hotel room - so hard to believe :) It was fun to dress her in her new clothes and shoes. She knew that something special was happening. We spent a lot of time playing in our hotel room. She loved imitating Micah's funny faces and chasing him around the room on hands & knees. She is still very reserved and quiet, but comes out of her shell around us a little bit more each day. Right now she is tucked in her own little bed, right across the room from ours, and she's playing with her new dolls. She is also sneaking a peak at me every few minutes and smiles each time we make eye contact. She was very ready to leave the care center today, and pointed at the exit door while clinging to my neck after she saw another family leave ahead of us. Guess she wanted to make sure she got the point across! It is somewhat surreal to have her here... it's a strange mix of feelings that stem from being overjoyed and yet scared of the unknowns. At times I feel like I have known her all her life, and then other times I look at her and think "This is my daughter? Who is this little girl, I don't even know her!" That's just the raw honesty of the situation, and of course it will take time for all of us to grow in knowledge and attachment toward one another. I trust God will see us through the unknowns and hardships that will lie ahead of us. Mikayla is a gift from Him, and we can move forward in confidence that bonds and love will continue to grow. What a blessing to be sleeping under the same roof tonight."


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your journey. I bet that is a very strange combination of feelings - joy to have your daughter with you, but so much of the unknown as well. She is a real beauty!

  2. Mikayla is beautiful! And so glad you are not only under the same roof tonight, but you are all together, at home!

  3. She is so beautiful...I love the pic of her in her towel after bathtime! Too cute!!!

    Thanks again for sharing your has been such a nice thing to read since we will be doing much the same sometime next year.

    Quick have a photo of the transition center in Addis in a previous post...would you be okay if I used that photo on my blog. I'd like to show everyone where our daughter will be cared for before we go to get her.

  4. Bethany, I've been out of town so I haven't seen all of your post till just now. I just read all of your journey and am sitting here with goosebumps. I'm so happy for you and your precious family. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful little girl. I pray that you all continue to grow in love with each other. Thank you so much for sharing! Love, Valerie

  5. Your daughter is gorgeous. Thank you so much for all the pictures and detailed pictures. It is so nice when you are in the waiting stage to have something to look at and prepare you (somewhat) for what Ethiopia may be like

  6. Beth, I'm so glad I tried checking your website again as it didn't work for me before (I probably typed it wrong). I can't wait to spend a few minutes reading through your experience if I get a break today.

    We are in the process with Holt. Waiting to start our homestudy. We're doing the parallel process where we're looking at waiting children and open for matching. This weekend we're hosting an auction (following our online auction going on now). Of course the goal of the auction is to raise money for the adoption of siblings but its also my desire to bring glory to God who adopted us and to bring an awareness of adoption to our community. I'm just wondering if I can "borrow" a few pictures from you that show Et and Holt to put with my info for this weekend. Any help on info to present would also be helpful as I'm not sure exactly what to present and how to present it.

    Thanks so much.

    Your daughter is adorable by the way!!!!

    tamara b
    tam4buit at hotmail dot com