Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ethiopia Day 4

"Neither of us slept well last night. I woke up not feeling great, but wanted to participate in the day's events so just decided to push through. Holt arranged for our drivers to take us to see the National Museum of Ethiopia. It was a fun outing, and would have been much more interesting had I not been feeling entirely sick by the time we got there. I think the combination of starting the day feeling "off," mixed with the crazy driving and fumes of Addis, just didn't sit too well with my stomach. Micah enjoyed most of the museum tour, until I absolutely had to get outside for fresh air... poor guy had to miss the the last 20 minutes or so. We were then taken to a cute "cottage" for lunch, and although I wasn't choosing to eat anything at that point in time, the ambiance was really nice and the rest of the group enjoyed the food. Most people went for a taste of home and ordered pizza." :)

"After returning to the hotel we took long naps, and I felt much better afterward. I was relieved, because we had time scheduled to go back over to the care center to play with Mikayla, and I definitely didn't want to miss out. We had so much fun with her today, and really started to see more of her personality shine through. We played the usual games, and she drug out the "educational materials" stored behind the bookcase so that we could practice English words :) She would name items in Amaharic and then repeat the English words that we told her. So cute! We also had the chance to meet with Holt's pediatrician, who advised us on more of her health history and things to follow up on when we return to the U.S. During her final check-up, the pediatrician asked her (in Amharic) if she liked her new family, and she said "yes." He then asked if she was ready to leave and she said "yes." He asked if she would come back to visit them someday and she adamantly said, "NO." He just started laughing so hard and interpreted the conversation for us. We all laughed. It was very apparent with her, that although she had received great care during her time in Holt's center, she was definitely ready to be going home with her family. Once again today, she cried when we left her. It was a bit more difficult this time because we know we won't see her again for 48 hours due to the upcoming overnight road trip we will be taking to see the area where she is from. Fortunately, the next time we see her will be when we get to take custody!!"

"Tonight the Holt scheduled a cultural dinner outing for the group, but quite a few of us (including myself) just stayed behind at the hotel to get some rest. Micah attended and brought back some pictures/video for me. He really enjoyed it, and I'm sure I would have too if I had been feeling a little better today overall."

A few pics Micah took at the cultural dinner:
Since we spent much of this day driving around Addis Ababa, I thought it would be fitting to post some pictures of some of the regular "sites" around the city...

Walking down the street from our hotel

The view from the back of our hotel

Streets of Addis Ababa...

A VERY common site :)

Donkeys were definitely put to work!

This is a bead shop down the street from our hotel, run by women who are supporting their families. They offered very cute necklaces/bracelets at great prices! Kathy and I "technically" walked here on the last day of our trip (you can see it was rainy out), but decided this was a good spot in the blog to post the picture.
"Tomorrow we are heading south to Durame to meet Mikayla's birthmother and see the area where she is from. We will also be visiting Holt's intake center, and medical clinic that was recently built. We're really looking forward to this trip, and our drivers told us today that we have not seen the "true" Ethiopia yet, but that we will tomorrow."


  1. So excited to "see" and "hear" all about "true Ethiopia" in your next post!
    I am enjoying reading all that you did--I feel so badly for you that you weren't feeling your best!

  2. I definitely want to journal like you did. I hadn't seen or heard of any APs doing this before, but what an awesome way to preserve your experience!