Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Dear Mikayla,

Today you turn 3 years old. We thought about you all day and could only wish that you were already home so we could celebrate with you. I wish I could spend this post writing about all of the things you love to do at age 3, and all of the character traits you possess that make you so special... but unfortunately, those things are still unknown to me. I am so thankful that we will be meeting you in less than three weeks, and bringing you home - forever. Today I pray that God continues to watch over you, protect you, and hold you in His arms. It's amazing how much love we have for you, though we haven't yet met you. You are a miracle, and we are so incredibly blessed to have you as part of our family.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mikayla! soon!

  2. tears in my eyes.

    Happy Birthday sweet, Mikayla.

  3. Happy Birthday Mikayla! I'm sorry she isn't home for her birthday, but I'm so excited that you will soon share all of her "3" moments. Hope your list is getting checked off. Your travel makes our trip to Korea seem like an island hop!!

  4. I ran across your blog through is a great blessing and comfort to read your story. Its awesome to realize that you are almost there! Thanks for sharing your story.