Sunday, August 2, 2009

Priceless Tidbits!

This weekend has been very exciting, in that we have received multiple emails from families just returning from Ethiopia who had the opportunity to meet and play with our sweet little princess. It means so much to me that despite being jet-lagged, and trying to settle in with their new children, they took the time to email us such treasured information :) Here are some tidbits of the info we received from each family (you can see the similarities that jump out from the separate observations):

Family #1
  • YOUR DAUGHTER IS........ DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. Seriously! She is simply stunning.
  • She is very reserved and quiet. Super shy.
  • She has a smile that will melt your heart and eyes that will brighten any day!
  • She is a charmer, not a fighter. Many of the kids have the "survival of the fittest" attitude and steal toys, kick, hit, bite, scream....not your girl.
  • She is tall and skinny, has a full set of beautiful teeth, good coordination, can carry on conversation (in Amharic), and is very attentive.
Family #2
  • She is gorgeous. We all knew it was her immediately.
  • Her hair has gotten a little longer, and she has the most beautiful smile.
  • She is kind of quiet, but not in a shy way.
  • She seems like such a little lady for being just three.
  • She was definitely one of the tallest toddlers there.
Family #3
  • First of all, she is GORGEOUS! We couldn't quit staring at her. Absolutely beautiful.
  • Her hair is a bit longer now, curly all over her head.
  • The first time I saw her, all the kids were eating lunch. The other kids had food all over their faces and hands, but "A" was eating careful, dainty, little bites.
  • She is very quiet, and seems kind of reserved.
  • Another day I watched all of the kids playing with balls in the courtyard. "A" stood very quietly in the middle of the group. She seemed to not quite know how to play or who to play with. I'm sure she must feel very overwhelmed by all the new kids.
Needless to say, now more than ever we want to bring her home as quickly as we possibly can. We are so thankful to have received this information and appreciate those of you (you know who you are!) who passed it on to us. It means more than you know.

We now continue to trust and pray for our court date...


  1. sounds like a perfect match for Tegan, he is much more outgoing and will balance each other well!
    Josh and Renee

  2. She sounds adorable and I am sure that you can't wait to experience these treasured tidbits in person! You are right...our stories are extremely similar. You mentioned the Holt group...we are curious about this and how to join in. We would also like to try and make contact with some families traveling to love on our little one. We are praying for your court date and hope that all goes well!