Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video: Eli sees new pic of his Sister!

Yesterday I took a little video footage of us showing Eli the new picture we received of our daughter. He was so cute about it :) You also may notice we mention the name "Mikayla" in the video... we went back and forth on deciding whether to just use her given name or to give her a new name. We knew we definitely wanted to keep her given name "A" (I'll post it after we pass court) as part of her name, and ended up deciding that we feel it is significant to give her a name from us as well. We chose the name Mikayla, after her daddy's name - Micah. We felt that giving her part of her daddy's name was a symbol of our new "covering" over her, as her forever parents and forever family. She will always be part of her birth family and her heritage, but she will also always be part of us. We plan to use both names with her while she is growing up, and then later in life she can choose which one she wants others to call her by. So, without further adu... here is a little video for your enjoyment...


  1. lol...too cute! that's a lot of naps :)

  2. Precious. I like "Epiopia" a lot! I'm ready to go back. Take care!

    Crystal in NM

  3. That was precious!! I wonder if Mikayla is counting the naps until her forever family comes to bring her home :)!!

  4. You have great taste in names!:)
    My daughter is also named Mikayla and I am going to be naming one of my new sons Elijah/Eli...though, like you, we will be keeping his Ethiopian name too.
    Love the video!