Monday, July 20, 2009

USCIS - NVC - Embassy

So, once we received our I171H approval from our local immigration office last April, it was supposed to go to the National Visa Center, and then sent to the Embassy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, so that our daughter could be given a visa when the time comes to bring her home. Apparently after the NVC... we have no idea where it went. This is a little dilemma I have been working on during the past couple of weeks. To complicate things, we had an addendum done to our original approval in order to account for the older age of our daughter, so now that addendum needed to be included in the mix as well.

First, I checked in with our local USCIS office to ensure they received our amended home study. They had, so they sent out our NEWLY UPDATED 171H approval - both to us, and to the National Visa Center. They also forwarded our original 171H approval to the NVC, just in case. CHECK!

Then today, I called the National Visa Center and asked if they had received our updated paperwork. Fortunately, after being placed on hold a number of times, I was able to get confirmation that they received it AND that it was all being sent electronically over to the Embassy in Ethiopia TODAY! Hooray! CHECK!

Finally, I emailed our agency to ask them to check again with the Embassy to verify that everything is in order so that it will not hold up our travel dates. They will check-in with the Embassy next week, in order to give the paperwork time to get there and be accounted for.

Let's hope and pray! :)

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  1. Hi Bethany,
    Yes, we are with Dillon Southwest and we've been very happy with them. I am so glad to read that you were able to confirm the right people had your paperwork. It's a great idea to be checking all of this. I will pray that your paperwork will all be accounted for next week! Let's get these kiddos home!! : )