Sunday, July 5, 2009

Singing Angels

Today we received a beautiful email from a fellow Holt family who just returned home from Ethiopia with their little girl. Mike and Magan visited Holt's intake center in Durame, which is the location where children come into Holt's care for the first time - whether they are relinquished or abandoned (a rural area located about 125 miles south of the capitol). The children are then moved to Holt's care center in the captol of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, one parents are assigned a court date or pass court. When we travel to Ethiopia to bring him our little princess, she will already be in Addis and all of our interactions with her will take place there. However, we too hope to take the trip down to Durame to see where she came from and learn as much as we can about the first years of her life. Needless to say, at this point we know that she is still in the Durame intake center and thanks to Mike and Magan we know that she is one of the many "singing angels" who reside there. Magan wrote: "In Durame, your little girl was in the room with the children that were singing. I cannot write this without tears in my eyes. To hear the children sing was the most beautiful thing I ever heard in my life. It will echo in our hearts forever." Due to the fact that there are currently 71 children being cared for in the Durame location, they were not able to personally see or speak to our daughter, but it is still absolutely amazing to picture her there, ministering as a beautiful singing angel. What a highlight to our weekend, we are so grateful for this little piece of information.


  1. That's so great Bethany! Hoping you hear news of court soon.

  2. Ohh how awesome!!!! What a beautiful glimmer of light in the tough wait from referral to travel. I am sure she is getting more love than you can imagine and you will be there before you know it to bring her home!!!