Thursday, July 16, 2009


Tonight would be the night I would be staying awake, praying nervously that our case would pass court in Ethiopia and we would legally become the parents of our little girl. But, due to the recent MOWA closure, all we know is that our case will not be heard tomorrow and it is postponed until.......???? Since hearing of the MOWA closure last week, I have been stocking my email every day waiting for the email from Holt giving us our new court date (and hoping it's soon!). But so far, no news :( The bright side in all of this is that there are rumors flying around the Ethiopian adoption community that they federal high court in Ethiopia might remain open for the entire month of August, and might possibly remain open through the entire rainy season this year. Either way, it would provide a greater chance for us to be assigned a new court date sooner than later. So, tonight I will go to sleep knowing I won't hear about the outcome of our court case tomorrow, but praying that maybe we will hear about newly assigned court dates!

Oh, and on another note... we are still working on our USCIS "mess" to try gain confirmation that the Embassy in Ethiopia has a copy of our 171H approval. That is how our daughter will get her visa to travel home with us, so we won't be approved to travel over there until our agency has confirmation the Embassy is in receipt of that approval form. It's been kind of a nightmare to deal with for several different reasons, but hopefully that will work itself out within the next week.

And to our dear sweet little princess... we think about you every day and just can't wait to bring you home. Your big brother is so excited and continues to ask us when we will meet you. We know God's timing is perfect, but it's so difficult to be patient sometimes. We look at your beautiful face each day in your picture and pray that God would bring you to us very soon! We love you!


  1. You continue to deal with every situation with so much garce. My prayers are with you.

  2. I have enjoyed following your story. I am sorry to hear about your delay! We are waiting for a little guy in Korea. They lost our visa paperwork so we are also delayed but hoping it will happen soon now that they have found it! I'll be praying for your situation. Congratulations on your little girl!


  3. I am very proud of your steadfast patience in this process.... It is a great example to me.

  4. I am so sorry your date was delayed! I was hoping to come on here and see exciting news.
    Hopefully you will hear soon and that is wonderful news that the courts are at least staying open later this year. Prayers for you and your little princess!