Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie "Orphan"

I am re-posting this from Holt's blog... I viewed the trailer for this movie and it definitely struck me (as an adoptive parent) as quite offensive. It's media attention such as this (though seemingly innocent) that give people a negative portrayal of adoption, especially of adopting older children who make-up a large part of the population of children needing families. If, after doing your own research, you feel the same, I encourage you to add your name to the petition Holt mentions below (it takes about 5 seconds of your time)...

We at Holt International want to inform our constituents about a movie entitled “Orphan” scheduled to be released in July by Warner Brothers. We are concerned about media depictions that demean or degrade children. We are especially alarmed about the movie’s negative portrayal of adoption and children in need of families.

As adults we have a responsibility to speak out and advocate on behalf of our children. Many people have already contacted Warner Brothers with their concerns, and at least two groups have developed petitions to respectfully protest the messaging of this movie. One group, Orphans Deserve Better, has developed a website to mobilize efforts against the film. Please review their petition’s information and include your voice among those who are making it clear you do not support the movie “Orphan.”

Warner Brothers has already responded to initial protests about the movie and made efforts to remove some the offensive language from the movie’s original trailer. In response to pressure from adoptive parents and other concerned individuals, Warner Brothers has removed the line: “It must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own,” from recently released trailers. However, it remains unclear whether or not the line was removed from the movie.


  1. Scott and I were disgusted when we saw that trailer a few weeks ago. Thanks for posting because we didn't know there was a petition to sign.

    Praying for you for a quick court date:)

  2. The concept of this movie is awful. Roy and I are considering adoption and it made me sad to see it portrayed this way. Thank you for posting your thoughts on the movie. I can't wait to get my tshirt!