Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disappointing News

Although it hasn't been confirmed, "word on the street" is that we will likely NOT be having our court date next Friday after all. :( The day after receiving our court date, we found out that the Ministry of Women's Affairs (MOWA) in Ethiopia, decided to suddenly take a break for two weeks for "training." Although MOWA is not the court, they have to submit a recommendation for every case that goes through court as to whether it should pass or not. Without MOWA, the courts basically can't process adoption cases. We have heard that their "training session" will last for 2 weeks. The other unfortunate news is that the courts in Ethiopia will be closing in 3-4 weeks for the rainy season (this happens every year). The courts are then usually closed for the months of August and September - no cases are heard. At this point, we do not have "official" confirmation that our court date will be postponed, but we are pretty certain that is the case. The thing we are praying and hoping for, is that we will not be postponed until after the court closure... as that would mean October(at the earliest) before another court date would be assigned to us. We are hoping they might somehow still be able to hear the cases that were previously scheduled, prior to the closure. Our agency is working on gaining more information regarding this sudden turn of events from their staff in Ethiopia... so in the meantime, we just wait. I have been reminding myself that God is in control, everything happens for a reason, and His timing is perfect. Hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow from our agency, so we don't have to wait through the weekend wondering about it. Fortunately, we are having our big garage sale this weekend, so we will not have a problem staying busy and not dwelling on it too much. Your prayers are appreciated!!


  1. Hang in there!! We have to wait for the Ugandan court closure (thru Aug 17) for our hearing to be set so you're not alone:) Your in our prayers!!

  2. I work with a woman who adopted her son 17 years ago from Ukraine. She said it was a long process but definitely worth it. I was watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel channel last night and it was all about Ethiopia. It will air again on the 21st @ 7pm. I only caught the end but it was very interesting. I will continue to pray for you and your family through this process. Hang in there!