Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Days

We would appreciate anyone who will commit to praying every day, for the next five days, for our August 4th court date. Technically, our court case will be heard sometime after we are sound asleep Monday night, as Ethiopia is 10 hours ahead of the U.S.

Due to the timing of our court date being right before the annual court closure in Ethiopia, it feels like a "high stakes" gambling situation :) Should we not pass, we would not be given a new court date until October at the earliest. Only about 60% of adoption cases "pass" in Ethiopian court the first time they are heard. What are the reasons for not passing? Well it could be anything from a piece of paper missing (due to the many government agencies that handle our paperwork and the many hands it goes through), a judge being out sick, electrical outages (which are far too common), running out time to hear all of the cases scheduled for that day, the birthparent not showing up, and the list goes on. If we do not pass court on August 4th, it doesn't mean that we will never pass court. It just means we will not be able to travel to bring our princess home as soon as we would like. We will be back in the "waiting game."

Fortunately, although the whole scenario does draw quite a comparison to a high-stakes gambling situation, we know that is not actually the case. We know and believe that God is in control of everything surrounding our court case. Though it would be difficult to have to continue to wait if we don't pass, we would have the assurance that God's hand is in it. He loves our princess more than we do, and His plan for her life (and ours) will prevail. He knows and understands every detail of what is happening with our daughter and this adoption process, far better than we ever could. He has proven faithful in this process so far, and even in delays and glitches we already have experienced. We know He will prove faithful again. Please join us in praying for our court date, praying for our princess, and praying that God's will prevail in all things.

"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven." Ecclesisastes 3:1


  1. Bethany,
    We are praying for you!! Also, it sounds like the courts will not be closing this season. Hopefully it won't matter to you because you'll pass...but if by some terrible twist you do not, I wouldn't lose all hope yet! We will be thinking of your sweet little girl and you will all be in our prayers!

  2. I'll be praying! I'm looking forward to celebrating with you!