Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Waiting Game

Well it's been awhile since I posted something on here, but to be honest... not much has been happening! Last I heard we are still sitting at #18 :) The good news is that there will be large number of families traveling during the next 6-8 weeks (a group actually just left today). So with all of those beautiful children going home, I can only imagine that a large amount of new referrals will trickle in over the summer months... maybe one of those will be our new son or daughter??? Work has been really busy the past few weeks with the school year winding down, so that has kept my mind off the wait. I'll have some time off starting next week, so it might be a bit harder to maintain the patience but I will try! We are at least going to spend a couple days having an "in-town" vacation at a nice hotel in Phoenix or Scottsdale. We are saving money this year by not actually going out of town. The great thing about an "in-town" vacation where we live, is that the hotels substantially drop their rates in the summer due to the fact that nobody wants to visit the Phoenix heat. So that means rock bottom prices for us to stay in a nice suite, have a free breakfast, and spend a couple days relaxing poolside. Yeah!

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