Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to the Paperwork!

This picture describes what I am feeling right now - I just want to give up on paperwork! Good thing I have the beautiful face of our little girl to stare at all day - my constant reminder to keep pushing through and not let "glitches" get me down.

Last week I worked hard to gather the paperwork needed for our home study amendment and immigration approval amendment. We need both of these amendments due to the fact that our daughter will likely be three years old by the time we bring her home, which is older than our original approval for 0-2 years. We spoke to our social worker, and had her write the amendment to approve us for ages 0-3, since we figured that would "cover" us until she turns four. However, after this was ALL completed, and ALREADY sent to USCIS... we find out that we actually need the approval to say 0-3.5 or 0-4 years. Apparently, if your child is one day past their birthday, you have to be approved beyond that age. I only knew to ask about this thanks to Michelle and Norm (THANK YOU for posting about that - it saved us from dealing with this later which could have been a disaster). When I talked to our agency this morning I told them that they really need to give more directions about being approved for "over the age" because we would have never known. They apologized for not being clearer in their intial communication with us, and did clarify that we will have to re-do everything. So, here we go again... :)

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  1. I know this is totally snarky, but...welcome to my world :). On the bright side, maybe the additional paperwork will keep your mind off the wait a bit! I only wish I had something I could control at this point ;). Still so excited about your referral!