Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome Home!

It is always so exciting for EVERYONE when other Holt families travel to Ethiopia to pick up their children. Many of us have gotten to know one another through a Yahoo group, blogs, and emailing... even though we've never met face to face. It's such a great support system to have since we are all going through the same thing. As families return from Ethiopia, it's wonderful to hear about their time there - how the other children are doing (they usually bring back reports for parents who have been matched with children, but are waiting to pass court or travel), what's happening at the care center, updates on travel tips, and of course their individual stories of holding their beautiful children for the first time. I just love it, and it's still so surreal to me that one day this will be US.

So today, we are rejocing with the Czarnecki Family, the Bertram Family, and the DeAndrea Family who all returned home within the past few days with their gorgeous children and are transitioning back to "normal" life, or at least a NEW normal life! Be sure to click on the family names to visit their blogs and see pictures of these cuties! Blessings to all three families!


  1. It's been so great to have "met" everyone through the yahoo board and our blogs. I hope we'll all get together one day with our kiddos. This whole experience has been such a roller coaster of emotions! Let the ride continue.... Welcome back to all of the families who traveled! Oh my gosh their babes are gorgeous. Love the stories and travel tips and the update we got from Meghan!