Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of Shots!!

This morning we went to the travel clinic and started our immunizations for traveling to Ethiopia. I really hate shots, so my desire in getting these done so early just stemmed from my desire to not think about them anymore :) We had a total of six shots today: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Meningitis, Polio Booster, and Yellow Fever. The typhoid shot was the worst of them all - left a welt on my arm, and is especially sore tonight. The rest weren't too bad, my arms are both just sore. The worst part of the whole thing though, was the COST. Yikes!! Who knew that most insurance companies don't think travel shots are "medically necessary." So are they saying they would pay for the cost of treating me if I come down with typhoid, meningitis, or yellow fever? Seriously. I still have to get two more Hep B shots, and Micah has one more Hep A shot. We also both need tetanus boosters, but we will be happily paying for those at our regular doctor's office since fortunately tetanus is considered by the insurance to be "medically necessary."

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  1. I feel your pain!! (as I sit here with a terrible black and blue from blood work) We will need to do much of this for our adoption of a little one from China, also with Holt. Recently we did blood work for the home study and Dossier paperwork, and lab corp goofed it up, so my husband and I both had to go back to do a second blood test, each. While I hate shots, I have major anxiety over blood tests so I was not a happy camper.
    We need to find out what inoculations we will need. I am sure hep. is one of them!
    So happy to know that you made it through it all, and your family is home and complete. Yay for you. Many praises!! :)
    Our social worker called today to schedule our first home study feels good to move along in the process.
    God bless you!