Monday, April 6, 2009

Lucky #25!

Today we found out that we are officially #25 on our agency's waiting list for families adopting from Ethiopia. The average wait time to receive a referral for a child is approximately 6-9 months, then a court date would be given about 3 months after that, and then travel would occur 1-2 months after passing court. So, if our process follows all of the "average" time frames, we would end up traveling around this time next year. There are so many things, however, that can impact how slow or fast the process moves, so as much as we try to predict things, it's really very unpredictable. A great example of this would be our "cyberspace friends" Heather and Brian, who received a referral today after just four months of waiting! Congrats you guys, we are so happy for you! So needless to say, at this point we will begin working on getting our passports and travel immunizations (fun, fun) so that we are ready to go when our time comes. Hooray for making it another step closer!!

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  1. 25 is great! From readin posts, it goes fairly quick from there! Congrats!