Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have really been struggling with patience the past few days. I was hoping to get the call saying "Your paperwork passed through court and your certified!" Unfortunately, that call hasn't come yet and I finally broke down yesterday and called the court myself to check on the "status" of things. It was a week ago that our social worker sent everything in, so I figured the process had begun. The bad news is that the lady who files that adoption paperwork in our county was out of the office until yesterday (when I called)! The good news is that she DID receive our home study and she was planning to file it by the end of the day. She told me she would really try to push it through in one week :) So hopefully by next week... Realistically though, this means we won't officially have everything submitted for our dossier until the beginning of April. That's what I was telling myself a couple months back so that I wouldn't become impatient, but I think in the back of my mind I thought things would move faster. It's amazing how much you are forced to rely on other people and their timeframes during this paper chasing process. Oh well, the bottom line is that God has a child chosen for us and every time our process speeds up or slows down we have to remember that it's part of the timing to bring us to that particular child. Definitely puts things into perspective.

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  1. It's amazing how many times in this adoption process we have to hurry and wait! I'm realizing that I wouldn't learn to be patient unless I had to wait and be's sooo hard! I'll pray that eveything goes smoothly this next week! Then I'll officially congratulate you and welcome you into the "official" wait list!