Friday, February 13, 2009

A Success!

Our home visit went well today, and I'm so glad to be able to check that off the list! Yeah! Man, all that cleaning just for her to "glance" at every room in the house seems crazy, but at least I'm left with a clean house to enjoy :) That will probably last for a day or so!

Eli was so excited to have a visitor here and continued to drag out toy after toy after toy to "show her." Included in these were a couple of Wii games and he repeatedly asked us if he could play them (as if this is something our 3-year-old does every day... play the Wii! Ha!) Micah and I were laughing about this afterward, because leave it to the toddler to do something embarrassing, right?

I asked her about the timeline from this point and she said that she should be ready to send the written study to Holt for approval within 1-2 weeks. Assuming it gets approved, she'll submit it to the court and that approval will take about 2 weeks. We will then take it to have the official gold seal of the state of Arizona imprinted on it, and be ready to send in the dossier. Yeah! My optimistic, hopeful side is thinking this will occur by Mid-March. YEAH!!

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  1. Hurray! It's so fun to check things off the paper chase list. Good luck finishing up the final tasks. Can't wait for you to join the waitlist!