Saturday, January 31, 2009

CPR and First Aid Certified

Our local home study agency recently added a requirement that all of their families become CPR and First Aid certified. Although we were kind of annoyed to have to add this to the already long list of things to do (and it's not a requirement of our placing agency), it really was a good idea on their part. Honestly, anybody who is a parent should become certified in these areas, and I realized that we probably should have done this back when Eli was born. But who has the time unless you're "forced" right? Well, I know some of you other there make the time, but you are all better people than I am :) And SMART!

So, we went to our "forced" certification training today, and it was a very positive, beneficial experience. I feel much more confident that if something were to happen where my kids (or anyone else for that matter) stopped breathing, or their heart stopped beating, or they were choking, or having any number of other "emergencies," that I could actually help them and do more than just guess at how to help :) Hopefully this is a training we will never have to actually utilize, but I'm glad to have had it... just in case.

As a side note... Micah went to his individual home study interview last Wednesday and apparently our social worker had the wrong day written in her planner. UGH. It wouldn't be as bad if the drive wasn't an hour from our house. So, he is now rescheduled for next Wednesday. Kind of annoying, but what can you do, right? Hopefully he'll be able to get a date nailed down with her for our actual home visit, so we can have a more solid time line in our heads for wrapping up our dossier and sending it to Holt!

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  1. Ohhh Bethany. I so remember to "un-needed" requirements of homestudy agencies. We had to use a different agency for our homestudy with our last adoption. UGH, the crap they made us do was RIDICULOUS! However we did learn some skills we would have otherwise not acquired...but seriously....LETS GET A MOVE ON PEOPLE :-)

    Praying you get all your stuff done soon sooon soon soon!