Sunday, January 18, 2009

Amharic Worship Service

Today we had the opportunity to attend an Ethiopian worship service at Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix. It was an amazing opportunity to join other families from Arizona who are also adopting from Ethiopia, to be able to worship in Amharic (the official language of Ethiopia) and have a delicious homemade Ethiopian feast. This was the first time Micah and I had tasted Ethiopian food, and both agreed that it tasted great!

Pastor Surafel leads the Ethiopian congregation at CUMC. He is the founder of an awesome ministry for street children in Ethiopia called Hope for the Hopeless. He is so thankful for families that are adopting children from Ethiopia, so that they do not have to face a future of winding up living on the streets. He prayed a prayer of blessing over us, and although we couldn't understand it, the spirit behind it was so genuine and passionate. It's awesome that we can all get together and worship the Lord, no matter what languages we speak. A small glimpse of heaven, right?!?

Eli had a difficult time sitting through the entire service, but he certainly enjoyed making friends at the lunch. Sometimes he can be quite shy around other kids, but not today! In fact, a group of Ethiopian children who regularly attend this church got up on stage to sing some songs for all of us... and low and behold, we look up and there's Eli jamming out on stage with them! Ha! He was just dancing away, having no idea that he was not a "scheduled part of the program." We got a great laugh out of it! In the 2nd picture he's looking at me like me like, "What Mom? Why are you telling me to get down?"

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