Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where, Did Our Fingerprints Go?

Well, it didn't take long but we just encountered our first "annoying" glitch in our journey. You may remember a couple of posts ago that we completed our fingerprints. One of the rules in Maricopa County (where our home study agency is located) is that you aren't able to touch your fingerprint cards once they are taken. You have to have the person who fingerprints you mail your cards, along with your FBI clearance forms, to the home study agency. So, we sealed everything in the postage-paid envelope and left them with the deputy to mail. And that was the last anybody saw of them!

I emailed our social worker yesterday to see if she had received them and she had not, so I knew we had a problem. They should have gotten to her before Thanksgiving at the latest. I called the Pinal County Detention Center yesterday and was able to get through (after a long series of transfers and calling back twice) to the person who mailed them, and he claimed that he did! Who KNOWS? So, we are now in the boat of having to be RE-fingerprinted and send everything all over again. I think we will visit the Florence PD this time, instead of Pinal County Sheriff. Ugh, how annoying.

Guess we should get used to it, their are families further ahead of us in the process who have many stories similar to this, and it looks like we should continue to expect them throughout the entire process and even after returning home. Did we really need a warm-up? :)

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