Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fingerprints, FOUND!

Go figure... we went to the Florence PD last Thursday to have our fingerprints taken (again) for FBI clearance, and as soon as I put them in the mail to our social worker she sent me an email saying that she received our fingerprints - the FIRST round that were supposedly lost. I have no idea why it took over three weeks for that envelope to arrive there, but oh well. Now we have a back-up set, I suppose.

Our agency is currently in the process of reviewing all of the paperwork we submitted last week in preparation for our home study, and we will likely complete our home study interviews in January.

Right now we are keeping busy trying to complete our adoptive parents training, as well as continuing to gather documents needed for our dossier.

The journey continues...

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  1. Congrats...sort of! I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. At least you can check it off your list-twice! You should get extra credit for that. : )

    Good luck on a quick home study process.

    Lots of love,