Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It is always so exciting to watch things "happen" to families within Holt's Ethiopia program. Many of us converse frequently through a Yahoo group, as well as blogs, and are able to see one another's progress throughout their adoptions. I love the support system it provides, because nobody else truly understands the ups and downs of this crazy process than those who are experiencing it (or have experienced it) themselves.

November was a fairly disappointing month for many families that had court dates, as some of the rules surrounding requirements for passing court were changed at the last minute and many of the cases did not pass. They were rescheduled for January so we are wishing everyone the best and hoping the 2nd time is the charm. There are quite a few other families in our program who have upcoming court 1st time court dates this month and next, so please keep them all in your prayers. Everybody wants to bring their children home as quickly as possible.

There were two families (one being the Gratz family) that DID successfully pass court last week and we are so excited for them! They will be leaving for Ethiopia next week and will be home with their beautiful children to spend Christmas together. Please be praying for their safe travel, smooth process in Ethiopia, and transition upon coming home.

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