Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Productive Week

Micah had most of this past week off of work, so we took advantage of it and accomplished quite a bit towards our adoption to-do list.

We both had our physicals and blood work completed, and are now just waiting on our doctors to mail us the signed forms. We requested and received a completed form from Eli's pediatrician.

We went to the post office to purchase stamps for our Christmas letters, as well as send of requests to both of our health insurance agencies for them to fill out a form (proof that our adopted child will be covered).

We requested and received police clearance letters from the Florence PD. We also made the "exciting" trip to the Pinal County Sherriff's Office for our FBI fingerprinting session. It was a pretty crazy experience because we were fingerprinted in the same "intake" area as the inmates, so it was a strange feeling to walk back through all of the metal detectors and concrete hallways! We now get to wait approx. 1 month to see if the FBI clears our fingerprints or not. We have heard from our agency, as well as other adoptive parents, that the fingerprinting can be a huge pain during this process.

We will have to be fingerprinted (again) by Immigration further down the road in this process, and if either of those agencies don't like the way the fingerprints were done or if they aren't completely clear then we will have to re-do them and possibly add months to our process by waiting again for clearance. We'll just hope this first round is accepted and that we won't even have to go down that road :)

I also attended an "orientation session" with our home study agency, Dillon Southwest, to meet our social worker and be able to ask questions, learn more about the process, etc. I was extremely glad I went, and it put my mind completely at ease about our home study visits and interviews. All of the social workers there are so nice and so down to earth. Thank heavens (I have heard some nightmare stories from others!).

Oh, and one other thing we have made progress on is our adoptive parent training. We are taking an online course which will count for 8 of our 10 hours, and we'll complete the final 2 training hours with our social worker. The course is very interesting and helpful... it has definitely led us to some interesting conversations and given us much to think about as we move forward in our journey.

Hooray for productivity and items crossed of the to-do list!!

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  1. It was fun to see you too....sorry if I seemed spacey I get stressed trying to watch both kiddos in those type of places! :) We should do dinner some time after the the kids can play together :)