Saturday, October 11, 2008

Divine Intervention

It's funny how God works sometimes. We have already seen His hand at work in so many ways, leading and guiding us in these initial stages of adopting. When we first began talking about adopting, we were strongly leaning toward foster care and domestic adoption. But, as we continued to pray and seek the Lord, we found ourselves drawn to international adoption... an idea we had initially tossed out because it seemed unattainable.

Soon after making the decision to adopt internationally, we prayed about what country and although we first looked into China, the Lord closed some doors and led us to Ethiopia... again, an idea we had initially dismissed.

Following this, we thought we had chosen the agency we wanted to use. Everything seemed right about it and we filled out the application. However, I left it sitting out and to my dismay Eli colored all over the entire thing, so I had to request a new one. Upon receipt of the new one, I noticed something I hadn't really noticed before when filling it out... and God closed another door.

As we began searching again for a new agency, I started battling some health problems. Well, the problems could possibly have been "major," and so this pretty much halted the process of applying because a clean bill of health is ultimately required when adopting internationally. I went through a series of tests that created long periods of "waiting"... waiting for results, waiting for the next test, waiting for results, etc. But, the waiting period, although very hard at the time, proved to be all a part of God's plan because it allowed us more time to research agencies and find one that appears to be a perfect fit for us (more on why later). In the end, everything with my health turned out to be okay (Praise God!), but we are now a couple months later in submitting the application than we initially planned. Are we truly "late" though? I'm sure not. We know God has already chosen the child that will be joining our family, and we trust that the date we sent in our application was done in God's perfect timing.

We are reminded that when God calls us to do something, we have to trust the HE will make a way. Right now we look at the process ahead of us and know that if we factor God out of the equation, we will not be able to complete what we've started. Our pastor posed a question during one of his sermons, asking something along the lines of... Are you currently doing anything in your life right now that requires you to fully trust in God for it to succeed? As I thought about that, I could honestly say that I wasn't. I mean, I trust God from day to day, but if I weren't trusting him, I could probably make it through my day to day tasks relying on myself. I realized that for us, adoption was that thing... that thing that we would not work out for us without the hand of God coming through in a major way. It was also what God has called us to do, and to walk away from it would be to miss out on His blessing and allowing Him to use our family in ways that we can't even begin to imagine yet.

There were many reasons to waver back and forth about whether or not to pursue this, and still many doubts that creep up about how this will possibly all work out, but ultimately we serve a God that is bigger than all of that. We serve a God whom we believe has called us to trust him and take a leap of faith to make a difference in the life of a child. Not saying it will be easy, but we know that He will make a way.

So what are YOU doing that truly requires you to be trusting in God for it to succeed? What would you do if you knew you could trust God with anything and it would not fail? How BIG is your God? Interesting questions to ponder... right? :)


  1. Hi there! Found you through the Holt yahoo group. I look forward to following along on this exciting journey with you!

  2. We're excited to watch this process over the next few months. You're new little baby will be so blessed to become a part of such a loving, Christ-centered family!

  3. I look forward to seeing how God works in your family through this process. After three adoptions, our family surely knows the blessings. Stand by to be amazed!