Thursday, October 16, 2008


Yesterday we received our official "welcome email" from Stephanie, the Ethiopia program assistant for Holt International. Yeah! We're still waiting on the welcome packet to arrive in the mail, but in the meantime she emailed us information about the things we need to start collecting for our dossier. "Dossier" is a new vocabulary word I have acquired in the last few months, and every international adoptive parent knows this word :) It's basically your life on paper... to put it simply. It's pretty overwhelming the number of documents that need to be collected, certified, notarized, etc. for the dossier. The process of collecting all of these documents generally takes people 3-5 months. The dossier is what eventually gets translated and submitted to the courts in Ethiopia to approve us for adopting a child from there. Anyway, more on the process later, but in the meantime we are glad to be approved :)


  1. Bethany this is so, so exciting! I'm looking forward to reading more about this process (it's something Mike and I are highly interested in also) and helping you welcome your new little one - even if only emotionally from cyberspace. We're praying for this to be a smooth process for your family and easy transition for the child who will come to you!

  2. Congrats :) O and I do remember you! Adoption is the most most wonderful and difficult thing a family can experience! Be prepared for a bumpy and exciting ride! We will be praying for you, and if you need anything let me know. My email is

  3. O I also wanted to mention that we are having a house party for a christian org that works in Ethiopia. Life in Abundance Int. (check out my blog for the link) but if you are interested in coming we are trying to spread awareness of the street children and the famine. The family who works for the org. also adopted from Ethiopia, it should be fun! Email me and I can get you an invite